Holly Burns

It is my belief that photography is an outward expression of ones inner thoughts, feelings and imagination. I find expressing myself with words extremely challenging however, expressing those same emotions in a creative manner has proved extremely rewarding.

Drawing upon ones memories, music, art and the world events can inspire to create whimsical, fantastical and sometimes surreal images.

Personally I love photography because it offers a canvas in which I can begin to create from, building up the layers and layers required to tell a story and realise the concept within my mind. In my work everything means something, a red dress is never just a red dress, red is the colour of passion whether it be anger, love, determination or courage. Red to me is a building up of something powerful and substantial. It is through these semiotics that I tell my stories which people can identify with, even if their story differs from my own.

Contact Details
10 Georgewell Drive, Newton Stewart, Dumfries & Galloway, DG8 6NB