Kim Ayres

Signature Photography – what story do you need to tell?

The majority of my work is either portraiture, or staged scenes, creating stories and drawing the viewer into other worlds.

Whatever our external conditions may be, inside our heads we are the heroes, heroines or even villains of our own epic stories. And it is our imaginations that make us unique.

Collaboration is at the heart of all my photography. It’s not enough for me to just point my camera at something as an object. I want the interaction, and the sense that together we are creating something bigger than either of us could do alone.

But driving it all is the story you need to tell!

Ideal for businesses, bands, groups, organisations and individuals that want powerful “signature” photos to promote their message, identity and story.


“When anything is possible, why settle for mediocre?”

Contact Details
30 King Street, Castle Douglas, Dumfries & Galloway, DG7 1AA
07971 969953