Jesse Beaman

Jesse Beaman specialises in landscape photography, with his main focus towards astrophotography. He exhibits and sells his night photography images, whilst delivering astrophotography tours in light pollution free areas. He also captures time lapse film of the night sky for sales and promotion.

He and his partner Helen Cockburn are also dark sky rangers. Together they run Stargazing Scotland, delivering stargazing tours and events under dark skies.

We each exist as conscious manifestations of the universe; our consciousness creates the illusion of a separation between ourselves and our universal environment . By viewing and photographing the visible universe we nurture an important connection; we are not alone or separate from the cosmos.

Seasonal changes, celestial events, constellations, planets and other  phenomenon provide Jesse with fresh subjects. Through his images and tours, Jesse hopes pass on his inspiration to others, with the aim to connect people with the infinite beauty of the cosmos.

Feel free to contact Jesse for more information about astrophotography, stargazing or the night sky.

Contact Details
The Secretaries Flat, Shennanton, Kirkcowan, Newton Stewart, DG8 0EG
07340 518498