Viridian Skies

Jesse Beaman and Helen Cockburn run Viridian Skies. Based in the Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park, they sell Jesse’s Astrophotography images and run Astrophotography and Stargazing Tours.

Jesse’s interest in the night sky began at an early age, and after combining this interest with photography he has specialised in Astrophotography. Galloway’s light pollution free skies provide the perfect environment for Viridian Skies to work.

We each exist as conscious manifestations of the Universe itself; we are one and yet experience as individuals. By viewing and photographing the visible Universe we nurture an important connection; we are not alone or separate from the cosmos. The fabric of spacetime is alive with quantum particles, threads of dark matter connect everything, space and time are malleable yet light remains constant…

The little we do know about the Universe is astonishing – point a camera at Sagittarius for thirty seconds and wait as 26 000 year old photons from the Milky Way are captured by the sensor. Yet what we do not know is more inspiring; seasonal changes, celestial events, constellations, planets and other Universal phenomenon provide Jesse and Helen with fresh subjects to exploit this unknown inspiration. Through Viridian Skies they pass on this inspiration to others, with the aim to connect people with the infinite beauty of the cosmos.

Viridian Skies provide Tours for local groups and holidaymakers alike, and their work can be found across Dumfries and Galloway or on their website.

Contact Details
The Secretaries Flat, Shennanton, Kirkcowan, Newton Stewart, DG8 0EG
07340 518498